Pallet Removal In New Jersey

Pallet Removal in New Jersey, New york, and Eastern Pennsylvania

Left over pallets are often an unsightly, logistical nightmare. Often times, stacks of broken mismatched, or odd sized pallets also pose an immediate safety hazard to all those nearby.

The good news is that pallet removal can lead to pallet recycling which isn’t just convenient. It’s also environmentally sound.

Select Pallets specializes in bulk pallet removal and eventual recycling of the pallet wood and/or the pallets themselves.

We have the ability to drop trailers for pallet accumulation as well as that to pick up large quantities of your used pallets and pallet wood waste. (Please note, by large quantities of pallets we mean hundreds of pallets. Unfortunately it is not cost effective to send out tractor trailers to remove less than 300 pallets. In some cases arrangements can be made to pick up lesser amounts of pallets, but this typically results in a removal fee.)

If your business is located in the NY, NJ, Eastern PA area and you find yourself in need of pallet removal give us a call.

Also feel free to email us pictures of your pallets. This usually helps speed along the pallet removal and pallet pick up process and helps us if your pallets are salvageable.

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If at all possible we will be happy to assist you in removing your unwanted pallets (wood and in some cases plastic). Depending upon the size and condition, we can usually salvage the bulk of the wood from pallets which we have removed.


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